Our Owners will  want to see that their renters are financially and socially responsible enough to live in the apartment or house they are applying for. The application process allows them to ensure beforehand that an applicant can pay rent on time, live respectfully among other tenants and in the community, and adhere to any qualifications or rules the landlord might have.

Our rental application allows us to  screen each applicant’s credibility. Each applicant will have to fill out an application and submit a an application fee, and security deposit, (upon approval)



Rental applications are the best way to understand how responsible an individual is and their character. While creditworthiness is not the only factor we weigh a person’s credit history in the application with the following criteria:

  • No recent credit collections (within last two years)
  • No utility collections
  • No judgements
  • Absolutely NO evictions

Before applying be sure that you meet the following criteria for approval:

  • Gross income must be 3 times the amount of the rent
  • Currently employed with a minimum 2 year work history
  • Provide one month of paystubs
  • Application references
  • Be prepared to pay first, last and security deposit upon approval
  • Be willing to obtain renters insurance
  • Provide proof of utility transfer upon approval
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